About OPS

Our sole vision is to improve the parts supply-chain for collision repair shops and parts suppliers, allowing a consistent and accurate flow of parts so shops can get customers back on the road. We pride ourselves in being the industry leader in creating efficiencies and breaking down barriers in the parts procurement process.

We push the limits of productivity and innovation. Our technology is helping our industry to evolve, empowering repairers and suppliers to work anywhere and at any time.

OPS Company History

Beginnings   |   1996

OPS began in Dallas-Fort Worth in the summer of 1996. Founders Nick Bossinakis and Sib Bahjat launched a solutions company that sought to provide marketing, support and safety certification training to collision repair shops and automotive parts suppliers. It was in these early years that OPS was introduced to the challenges of automotive parts procurement.

Meetings and team-building were a challenge in the early days, as meetups were usually at a local coffee shop to review accounts and strategies that would enhance the business. Through hard work, long work days and meeting the needs of its customers, OPS began to build the loyalty and trust of its partners, marking the beginnings of the OPS network.

OPS Logistix   |   1998

In 1998, OPS launched the OPSLogistix service, allowing shops to gain additional hours in production by guaranteeing parts deliveries by 6:00 AM. Suppliers were also able to off-set costs and build value for their customers by adding additional legs of delivery. The popularity and effectiveness of this service greatly impacted the efficiency of shops and propelled OPS from a company working within a metroplex, to the entire state of Texas.

OPS Technologies   |   2004

After having been entrenched in the day-to-day support of shops and parts suppliers for nine years, OPS had built a unique expertise and found opportunity to advance the industry. Through its experience of servicing both shops and suppliers, OPS saw the need for stronger accountability in the ordering process. It was identified that the industry needed a central tool to manage all procurement capabilities with a strong focus on simplicity and transparency. In the early morning hours, CEO Nick Bossinakis called a meeting that brought the entire OPS team together to ink the early builds of what would become OPSTrax.

OPS Technologies Timeline

OPSTrax   |   2005

After extensive research and development, OPSTrax launched during the Summer of 2005, and would soon transform the way shops and suppliers do business. OPSTrax would prove to power the overall expansion of OPS’ products and services throughout the rest of the United States.

DeliveryTrax   |   2007

While OPSTrax focused on bridging the gaps in parts procurement, OPS sought to address inefficiencies within the parts delivery and logistics realm. DeliveryTrax was developed and released in the Fall of 2007 allowing suppliers to manage their routes, drivers, and logistics operations. DeliveryTrax addressed the needs of a parts warehouse to fully manage and allow dispatchers, drivers, pullers and sales staff to communicate through one central interface.

ValuTrax   |   2010

From marketing, processing and auditing, ValuTrax was developed and released in the Fall of 2010 as a total turn-key solution to provide manufacturers, suppliers, and parts distributors the ability to administer and implement their parts incentives and deals across the OPS network.

TraxPod   |   2015

The TraxPod notification tool was released as a streamlined version of OPSTrax. Throughout the parts procurement cycle, TraxPod's event notification system sends electronic notifications to shops regarding deliveries, order shipments, deals, and order-status related content.

Today   |   and Beyond

OPS is in the position to further push the boundaries on efficiency and gauge opportunities to reform the automotive repair industry. With a wealth of partners, loyal customers and an exceptional staff, OPS looks to further expand its OPSLogistix foot print and further proliferate its tools and best practices.

Services We Provide

  • Parts Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Field Training
  • Technical Support
  • Custom Workflows
  • Research & Development
  • Data & Analytics Research
  • Integration Consulting
  • Robust Logistics Models
  • Route & Driver Management
  • Parts Auditing Systems
  • User Adoption Strategies
  • Vendor & Supplier Relations
  • Manufacturer Tools
  • Market Trends & Analysis
  • Parts Distribution