End those inventory headaches with a simple beep.

Enhance your parts auditing process and end long hours of rekeying.


Scanning and Parts Auditing

TraxScan™ is a mobile application that allows collision repairers to scan and audit incoming parts deliveries. Users are able to unite repair order and invoice data, and post the audited data back to the collision repair management system.

Know When Parts are On-Hand

Receiving parts can be a blazing fast process. TraxScan™ makes this duty easier for your personnel and provides instant communication when parts are on-hand for your technicians.

Post Invoices to Your Management System

Integration with your body shop management system allows you to instantly scan your parts and post your invoice data electronically. This puts an end to long hours of rekeying data.

Reduce Your Return and Parts Discrepancy Rates

Quickly know what parts have arrived, and report when parts are damaged or unusable at the point of delivery. The streamlined process ensures you’re up to date on all incoming parts.

Simple Implementation

Distribute the parts check-in duties to more staff with this simple workflow app, which installs to your mobile device.